Location : Mallorca / Palma / Mallorca
City : Palma de Mallorca

To start off, as we don’t know each other, we’ll tell you a few things about us and about how this small great project of ours started.

Pasión Eventos was created in Palma de Mallorca in 2009 by Marián Darder. Since then, we haven’t ceased to grow and learn, and love our profession.

We are experts in creating unforgettable days and we love what we do!

In Pasión Eventos we are passionate about our job. After fourteen years dedicated exclusively to designing and organizing events, we are specialists in CUSTOM-MADE WEDDINGS. We organize a limited number of weddings per year, as we dedicate you all the time that is required to make your wedding the best.

During the whole organization process, we will be your personal advisors and sole contacts. We will help you with everything, we will suggest many ideas and we will always assist you.We always start with an unbinding personal interview with you, to get to know you and capture your essence and for you to understand our philosophy.
From the moment you decide to take the step, our creativity, experience and knowledge with be at your service and together we will embark on this great adventure.Don’t forget you always have the final say. We will never make decisions for you and your involvement in the organization will go as far as you decide.
 All we want is for your wedding to be “YOURS”, with your style, your character, your charm. We don’t only seek to celebrate, but also to convey, to amuse and to communicate.

Comprehensive organization

Forget the stress caused by combining your work with the organization of your wedding! We will help you prevent unexpected events and minimize the nerves associated to the preparation, allowing you to relax and feel supported, knowing that you have left the details and potential inconveniences in the hands of professionals.

We don’t want you to regret not having enjoyed every minute!

Our service is like a custom-made suite. It includes our professional advice during the whole process, the management of all the preparations and the coordination of the wedding day.Experience has shown us that the only way to prevent mistakes is by centralizing the responsibility in one person, who will take care of hiring, managing and planning everything for your wedding. That is why we don’t offer stand-alone services. Instead, we create a comprehensive project and, with your collaboration, we organize every detail step by step. From the beginning until the wedding day,we will advise and guide you in each step of the way.
Organizing a unique, custom-made wedding full of details is not easy if you are not a professional of the sector. Imagine having the ongoing advice of a team of experts who understand perfectly what you have in mind, who capture your ideas, who anticipate your wishes, who find what you need because they know the best companies and professionals and who suggest options you love and didn’t even know they were possible.All this sounds too good to be true, don’t you think? This is what makes the difference between having a wedding like all others or having a unique wedding that everybody will always remember.
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Pasion Eventos
Location : Mallorca / Palma / Mallorca
City : Palma de Mallorca
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