Location : Mallorca / Palma / Mallorca

It all begins with “I do”. “I do” want to marry you, “I do” want the perfect wedding, “I do” want to have the best possible wedding experience, “I do” want an event that isn’t lacking in a single detail. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

We want to meet you, hear you, connect with you, find out about you and let you know how we can help, without any set packages or unnecessary services. We will create a wedding tailor-made for the two of you.

Everything is important and everything counts in the planning of a wedding. From managing the budget to scheduling, putting together the best team, choosing the perfect setting, combining the right colours, carefully selecting each piece of music or slipping in the wow factor of a surprise detail. Whether you want it tiny or huge, planned to the minutest detail or the natural feel of ordered chaos, anything goes with Mille Papillons wedding planner, but the result is always the same: your perfect wedding. A wedding to share with friends, to enjoy with your families and to remember every minute of.


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Mille Papillons
Location : Mallorca / Palma / Mallorca
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