We know perfectly well that we are not a commercial studio, what really motivates us is the passion that we put into each project. You will not find endless lists of prices here. If you have enjoyed looking at our work, we would love to hear from you, but if you are more concerned with the budget than the result, then we probably should not be your choice.

La chica de ayer o The man who sold the World. From losing yourself among skyscrapers to enjoying the best paella at a beach bar. Ice cold beers with friends, sushi and teppanyaki, a blanket and books on Sunday… and best of all, family. Because living life is a lot better than imagining it. We avoid restrictions and conventions at all cost, we go in search of the most authentic sincerity, photography without limitations, the most genuine videos. When your profession is your passion, you live life to the fullest! Our work revolves around our experience and the quest for results. If the challenge is difficult then we are more passionate about it, because we always get fully involved. We are used to doing things like that, we don’t know how to do them any other way. Without trying to be romantic, although we are and we admit it, we want to capture the magic of each wedding, the true essence, the overpowering reality.

If you just want it to look pretty, it will be anything but pretty. If you want to be authentic, it will be precious. We really want to talk to you to make suggestions and come up with ideas. We allow you to be brave. And hopes? We share them. We are telling you now, because if you are not on the same wavelength then our style is not going to work. Take note: audacity, passion, maximum excitement, the search for truth, authenticity and sincerity, irreverence, modernity and a real desire to have a great time. It is staggering how we end up experiencing each and every single moment of your event in such an intense and real way. Sorry, but your world is huge, seriously, you just need to come and have a drink with us, brainstorm, come without preconceived ideas, and with an open mind, and enjoy it to the full. We want to be there right at such a great time, one that will be absolutely unforgettable for you.


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Location : Mallorca / North / Mallorca
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